Buy a Home for Your Elderly Parent(s) or an Adult Child With a Disability

About Family Opportunity Mortgages

This program allows you to buy a home for your elderly parent(s) or your adult child with a handicap or disability at owner-occupied rates and guidelines rather then meeting the demands of investing in a secondary home or investment property. This allows you to place your loved one(s) in a secure home that you own, at a lower cost and with less stringent requirements.


An important qualification for the Family Opportunity Program is that the elderly parent(s) or child with a handicap or disability must not be able to afford the home on their own, meaning they must be unable to work, or have insufficient income to qualify. They may receive assistance income, or even work, it just can’t be enough to qualify for a home on their own.

One topic worth mentioning is if they have sufficient income, but poor credit, they will not qualify for this program and you would need to move forward with a secondary home or investment property program.

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