Tampa, FL

Based in Tampa, Florida, Jenn Shelton epitomizes versatility as a vital member of the S&L team. As Simons & Leoni’s Chief Financial & Compliance Officer since 2003, she seamlessly juggles diverse responsibilities ranging from overseeing office administration and compliance to providing invaluable support to loan officers and processors.

Jenn’s academic journey reflects her commitment to excellence. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Leo University, majoring in Management with a specialization in Accounting, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration. Demonstrating her passion for regulatory affairs, she pursued further education at Florida State University College of Law, where she attained a Juris Master degree with a specialization in Financial Regulation and Compliance.

Combining her extensive education with hands-on experience, Jenn is an indispensable asset, contributing significantly to the success and efficiency of Simons & Leoni.

FL LO #79966 | GA #1497763 | OR #1497763